First Tripartite Agreement of NMET Signed

Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited (MECL), Govt. of Maharashata and National Mineral Exploration Trust (NMET) signed a tripartite agreement for mineral exploration in the State of Maharashtra on 4.5.2016 at Nagpur. The agreement was exchanged in between Dr. Gopal Dhawan, CMD, MECL & Shri R.S Kalamkar, Director,DGM, Govt. Of Maharashtra.

Under this agreement, MECL will carryout mineral exploration in the state of Maharashtra as per Minerals (Evidence of Mineral Contents) Rules, 2015. The explored blocks will be put up for auction by Govt. of Maharashtra for Mining concessions as per Mineral (Auction) Rules-2015. This will accelarate the pace of mineral exploration in the state. MECL is taking up exploration of Mandri-Panchala & Lanjera-Futala blocks for Manganese Ore in Nagpur Dist. Cost of exploration of thses blocks will be funded by NMET.

Similar agreement will also be signed with all states Govt. to take up mineral exploraion activities. The NMET was created from MMDR Amendment Act, 2015 by Govt. of India under which MECL has declared as nodel agency for exploration work.


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