Weekly Updates


MECL has become a 'Trend Setter' in Recruiting Assistant Geologist through Walking Interviews. More than 200 candidates for the interview

Our CMD attended a meeting NITI Ayog New Delhi on vision 2030.

The highlights of the week have been the DPC interviews and meetings in which 56 employees got promoted. Significant among them are Dr.C.S. Murthy as GM(HR), Shri Jayant Kumar and Shri M.N. Sahay as DGM(Exploration) and Dr. K.N.S. Yadav as DGM(Geophysics), Shri S.K. Varun as Sr. Manager(HR), Shri Girish Aswani as Manager(F) and Shri S.K. Das as Sr, Manager(Engineering/Procurement).

Shri B.P.Raturi, DGM(Exploration) attended the Term Review Meeting of Central Region, GSI at Nagpur

A workshop on Rajbhasha was organised at Gurukul. It was attended by CMD,DT,DF,HODs,GMs and DGMs

Our CVO gave a presentation on Tendering and Contract Management It was attended by CMD, DF and all HODs. CVO sir brought out the intricacies of Tendering and contracts for the benefit of MECL officers

During December 2016 10 employees retired from the services of MECL out of which 5 were from Nagpur


Our CMD has broken the protocol and presieded over the farewell function of shri H.R. Mallick, Sr. Survey & Map Officer at Exploration Division instead of Board room as Shri Mallick was leaving for KGF Project CMC appreciated the dedication and hard work of Shri Mallick Wishing all MECLIANs a very happy, sucessful, healthy and jouous new year Thanks and see you all next week

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